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Cover: Rania - Up Title Up
Artist Rania
Length 2 minutes and 59 seconds
Release 05.11.2015
Country USA
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Biography of Rania

라니아 (RaNiA) was a South Korean girl group under Dr. Music Entertainment. The group's last line-up consisted of Di, Hyeme, Seulji, T-ae, Xia and Alex. In 2016, the last original members of the group Di, T-ae and Xia left RaNiA as well as Dr. Music Entertainment and it was decided to re-debut Hyeme, Seulji and Alex with new members under the name of BP 라니아 (BP RaNiA) RaNia were originally intended to debut as an 8 member unit, however due to visa problems, Yijo was unable to participate and departed from the group. The group consists of a diverse composition of members from Thailand, China, America and Korea and has been labeled as the third generation of Baby V.O.X. They debuted in order to promote both in Korea and America. Their former producer, Teddy Riley, is especially known in the states for composing for Michael Jackson, The Pussycat Dolls, Jay-Z, R. Kelly, Lady Gaga and other pop artists. The group is also known for member T-ae’s role as Jay Park’s younger sister in the Hollywood film, “Hype Nation.” Their first single "Teddy Riley, the first expansion in Asia" was released on April 4th, 2011. Recording for debut single took place at LA’s Burbank Encore Studio. And Lady Gaga’s choreographer, Richard Jackson, participated in their choreography. On the 16th of November 2011, RaNia released their second single "Time To Rock Da Show" with the title track "POP POP POP"; which was produced by Brave Brothers, being promoted on music shows. Member Joy was said to have left the group in 2012, but DR Music released a statement saying she was in Thailand visiting family and would return. In August of that year, Joy made a video saying that she had left RaNiA and would be debuting as a solo artist. She is now a member of Gaia, a T-pop group whose first video "Audition" has garnered over two million views. In May 2012, the girls performed "Killer", a song that was thought to be their comeback song at the 2012 Dream Concert at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul, but in September 2012, they came back with the song "Style". In October 2012, DRMusic announced that RaNia would be making their American debut in November of 2012, but announced in early 2013 that this had been postponed, and that RaNia would be coming back in late January of 2013. They made their 2013 comeback with "Just Go", although Riko did not participate, as she had gone on hiatus. In early 2014, it was announced that the girls would be moving into the Spanish market, and that Riko had gone on hiatus (due to wanting to focus on her schoolwork). Ingenio Media (the girls' Spanish company) will be holding auditions to replace her. Ingenio Media later released a statement saying that their statement about Riko leaving was incorrect, and that DR Music would be making an official statement about the situation. In fall of 2014, Ingenio Media announced they would no longer be working with RaNia due to RaNia "taking too long" with their song. It was later revealed that Ingenio Media had purposefully leaked RaNia's comeback song "Audition" to a fan, causing DR Music to try to redo the comeback before being dumped by Ingenio Media. Soon afterwards fans noticed that Saem had been unfollowed on social media by all the other members of the group, and she had not been seen with them at any live events since July 2014. Around this time, Sharon Park joined the group, but later chose not to debut with them, instead going back to her former career of pageantry. The group had their first comeback in nearly three years in 2015 with the track "Demonstrate", which introduced new members Seulji, Hyeme and Alex, and confirmed the departures of Jooyi, Riko and Saem. Former members: - Di (Sub Vocals, leader) - T-ae (Lead vocals) - Xia (Main vocals) - Seulji (Sub vocals) - Hyeme (Main vocals, maknae) - Jooyi (Main Vocals, Leader) (2010-2014) - Riko (Leader, Lead Vocals) (2010-2013) - Saem (Leader, Vocals) (2010-2014) - Joy (Vocals, Visual) (2010-2012) - YiJo (Left immediately after debut) - Alexandra (Rapper) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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