Blutengel - Kind Der Nacht

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Cover: Blutengel - Kind Der Nacht Title Kind Der Nacht
Artist Blutengel
Length 4 minutes and 46 seconds
Release 13.02.2009
Country USA
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Biography of Blutengel

Blutengel (English: Blood Angel) artist is a Gothic/Futurepop/Darkwave/EBM band formed in Berlin, Germany in 1998. Whether Blutengel fall into any of these categories has been disputed by some. 1998 after Chris Pohl had decided to give up the preceding project, Seelenkrank Just as it's predecessor, Blutengel uses melodious electronic tunes in combination with both male and female voices. However, the topics of the songs have now been expanded, and cover all sides of love and romance. Blutengel's debut album Child of Glass was released in 1999. On this album, Kati Roloff and Nina Bendigkeit performed female vocals. Although the album was successful and still present in the minds of the people for quite a while afterwards, things became quiet for the project itself for quite a long time. Finally, in 2001, the second anxiously anticipated album Seelenschmerz was released and initiated a new era in the history of the band - The band formation changed as Nina had managed to cut her own successful path with her photography career, and Gini Martin joined the band as the second female vocalist alongside Kati. At the end of that year, the single Black Roses was released with Constance Rudert as a session singer and the band performed at the Dark Storm Festival in which Constance also appeared as a guest besides Kati and Gini on the stage. Further, this was the last time the band would play with its original line-up. Kati and Gini left the band days latter by personal and also unknown reasons and founded their own project, Tristesse de la Lune. Kati has been replaced by Constance Rudert and Gini by Eva Pölzing, who was found soon afterwards. With the new line-up the band's next album, Angel Dust appeared, reaching 58th on the Top 100 album chart in its first week because of hits like Angel of the Night and Vampire Romance making Blutengel become much more popular. The album's promotional photoshoot and booklet was designed by former member Nina Bendigkeit. In 2004 their 4th album, Demon Kiss was released, followed by the DVD "Live Lines" in 2005, but bad news was announced in early October, when Eva decided to leave Blutengel, due to problems with time and projects in her personal life. She was replaced by Ulrike Goldmann (ex-Say-Y) and a different, more pop-driven direction was to follow in the EP and singles (respectively), The Oxidising Angel, My Saviour and Lucifer. These were followed in November 2007 by their 5th full-length album Labyrinth In 2008, the single Dancing in the Light was released as a taster of their then forthcoming album, Schwarzes Eis, followed by the stand-alone vinyl- and download-only single Winter of My Life and DVD "Moments of Our Lives" later on in the year Finally, in February 2009, the album was released. They had been very prolific in the last year, as, not only did the album include a bonus disc of Ambient darkwave entitled Behind The Mirror, but a special edition was released featuring, along with a 44-page booklet, yet another bonus disc consisting mostly of never-before released songs, entitled Redemption. Also, in December, the limited edition Soultaker EP was released, which had four new songs (along with remixes and a recording of a live concert). In 2011 latest album to date Tränenherz was released in three flavours. Current Line-up: Chris Pohl (Male vocals, programming, and lyrics, also of the groups Terminal Choice, Tumor, and Miss Construction and owner of the Fear Section label) Ulrike Goldmann (Female vocals and lyrics) Past Members Nina Bendigkeit (Female vocals, previously in Seelenkrank, now in Formalin) Kati Roloff (Female vocals, was in Tristesse de la Lune but left in early 2007) Gini Martin (Female vocals, now in Tristesse de la Lune) Eva Pölzig (Female vocals, now in F.O.D.) Sonja Semmler (Live performance and visual concept) Constance Rudert (Female vocals, lyrics, and visual concept) Steffi Weingarten (Female vocals and lyrics) Anja Milow (Female vocals and live concept) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

  • darkwave
  • Gothic
  • ebm
  • industrial
  • electronic

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