Laura Wilde - Heute hat es klick gemacht

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Cover: Laura Wilde - Heute hat es klick gemacht Title Heute hat es klick gemacht
Artist Laura Wilde
Length 3 minutes and 18 seconds
Release 20.03.2015
Country USA
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Biography of Laura Wilde

Don’t let the face of an angel and blonde hair fool you. Laura Wilde, the 22 year old fast-rising rock talent is armed with killer guitar riffs and a kick ass attitude to match. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Laura is determined to create a fresh interpretation of traditional rock and roll for a new, younger generation of fans. This authentic musician is also a singer/songwriter that plays lead guitar, bass and drums. Laura is heavily influenced by rock, glam and punk, which is reflected in her powerful, “in your face”, high-energy music.When quizzed on where it all began, Laura takes us back to when she was just 18 months old. Her big brother was given one of those toy push-button electric guitars that drove everyone crazy. The moment he took it out of the box she apparently grabbed it, hugged it and if anyone tried to take it from her she would let out an unbearable scream. “I carried that thing around like a teddy for years”.During her early teens, Laura was always starting bands at home and school but she had trouble finding anyone with the same level of enthusiasm. “No one was interested in learning to play properly. If we didn’t sound amazing straight away they would give up.” Finally, out of desperation, she joined a cover band with her teachers where she was the bass player. When Laura was 16, she and some friends snuck out to a local pub where, by chance, the band performing was short of a bassist. After some urging by her friends, Laura found herself up on stage playing bass with a professional band. The overwhelming response she received made Laura realize that this was, without question, what she wanted as a career. Upon finishing high school, Laura gave up her summer holidays of 2007 to begin recording. During this time, she was also lucky to be employed by a local guitar store, which opened a whole new world to her. At last, she could share her passion with like-minded people. Here she learned how to look after and handle some of the finest guitars in the country. Laura was also fascinated with the workshop where she gained a lot of technical experience.Her parents, however, had other plans for her future. Laura was strongly persuaded to complete at least one year of university. Ultimately, it turned out that living in a residential college and having to attend classes was not at all conducive to being a musician. “I found the environment to be too suppressive and conservative. I could not leave my room without someone having a dig at my clothes. I just didn’t fit in.” A budding celebrity in her own right in Australia, Laura did a stint on Beat TV, working as a presenter. While she found it to be an incredible experience, she preferred to make and perform music herself rather than interview other musicians about what they were doing. “I felt like I was stalling and as much fun as it was, I needed to focus on what I truly wanted to do.” Just prior to leaving Australia, Laura was presented with many interesting and varied opportunities. After completing her own 22 show local tour, she worked as a session musician on national television and performed with some high level industry greats. She was also honored to play a private acoustic show for the Saudi Arabian Royal Family. Laura’s drive and passion have currently found her pursuing her music career in Los Angeles. She is now in the final stages of completing her debut album which is set to be released in 2011.“I find now having made the decision and been allowed to pursue my own career in music, I am the happiest I have ever been.” Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

  • hard rock
  • Schlager
  • australian
  • rock
  • singer

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