History Generator

Here you can create your own free SHOUTcast History / Playlist with our History Generator. Give your listeners the opportunity to see all played tracks from your radio station directly on your website. Our SHOUTcast History uses your the stream histroy. You can display an album cover for every track and add amazon and iTunes links.


Our histories and playlists are unique, innovative, stylish and are already used by over 1000 people per day.

The History Generator supports SHOUTcast 1 and SHOUTcast 2 streams and offers many options to individualize your history. NEW: Now you can add the album cover to your history! Furthermore you can chose between different designs and style them. To create your own custom SHOUTcast History you have to create a free Streambox with our Streambox Generator first (Servermanagement purpose).


So start to enjoy our free service today!


Your SHOUTcast Tools - Team