SHOUTcast codes

With our SHOUTcast codes you get the opportunity to display single stream information on your website. Currently we provide following data: current track, listener, max., peak, genre, bitrate, online information, Itunes link, Amazon link and the album cover. To use this service just enter your Streambox ID and click the create button.

insert codes

Streambox ID:

To use our codes on your website it is necessary ti embed following code in your website. You have to place the code on every page that should display our data. You only need to include this code once even if you use more than one information. After that you just have to embed the tags you want to display.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

tag overciew

function tag preview
Current Track
<span id="sc_SBID_track"></span>
Current Artist
<span id="sc_SBID_trackArtist"></span>
Current Title
<span id="sc_SBID_trackTitle"></span>
<span id="sc_SBID_listener"></span>
max. listener
<span id="sc_SBID_max"></span>
<span id="sc_SBID_peak"></span>
<span id="sc_SBID_bitrate"></span>
<span id="sc_SBID_genre"></span>
<span id="sc_SBID_online"></span>
online text
<span id="sc_SBID_onlineText"></span>
button for amazon
<span id="sc_SBID_amazon"></span>
button for iTunes
<span id="sc_SBID_itunes"></span>
SP Cover 30
<span id="sc_SBID_cover30"></span>
SP Cover 60
<span id="sc_SBID_cover60"></span>
SP Cover 100
<span id="sc_SBID_cover100"></span>
SP Cover 200
<span id="sc_SBID_cover200"></span>