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Performance UpdateDear SHOUTcast Tools User,

to provide you always best performance with our services we have enhanced our server system. In combination with our new cache system we have shortend the loading time radicaly. Therefore our Streambox and History service will be loading much quicker from now on.


Furthermore our server hoster will develop new hosting solutions for our service.


We hope you enjoy using our unique service =)

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Individuelle Streambox mit Album Cover

custom Streambox


With the last update of our Streambox generator, it is finally possible to create a custom Streambox with individual size.


In the custom Streambox are all known functions  available. This information includes title , listeners , bitrate , and of course the album cover. The design can be adapted individually. You simply use the CSS field in our generator. You can choose the custom Streambox in step 2 of the Streambox Generator.

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Streambox Webplayer mit Album Cover

new PlayerDesign


Now there is finally a new Web Player Design with Album acover avaible!


For all Streamboxes we now offer a new quality player design. Besides the already known features such as the title , listener , bit rate , online information, etc. , this design provides the album cover. This allows you to display the cover of the currently playing track of your Stream Server.


The new player design , can be chosen in step 3 of the Streambox Generator.